Athens City Auditor

The 2020 tax filing due dates are as follows:

•             Income Tax Returns – April 15, 2021

•             Extension to file Deadline – April 15, 2021

•             Returns on extension by – October 15, 2021

 The Income Tax Department can be reached at 740-592-3337 or by email at for assistance.

Duties of City Auditor Kathy Hecht

The auditor's duties are divided into two separate but equal tasks. One being to supervise the Income Tax Department and the other to oversee Athens City payroll, accounts payable, and fixed assets tracking. The City of Athens has over 50 funds, each has anywhere from two to 50 sources of revenue. The auditor estimates the revenue that each source will generate throughout the year and reviews them several times a year to more accurately depict the available resources.

As each department uses its appropriations during the year, the auditor and her staff post these changes. The auditor’s office continually monitors and updates the available balance in each fund for proper budgeting.

If you have questions regarding real estate taxes, property taxes, manufactured home taxes, or dog licenses, please contact the Athens County auditor at (740) 592-3223.

Office Extensions

Contact specific staff members with the following extensions:


City Auditor's Office (740) 592-3336
AuditorKathy HechtExt. 6

Deputy AuditorLiana WoodsExt. 4
Account Administrator/PayrollSara CherryExt. 2
Account Administrator/Accounts PayableHeather BarnhartExt. 3

Income Tax Department (740) 592-3337
Income Tax AdministratorKrystyl WelschExt. 3
Income Tax AdministratorTonia BricklesExt. 2