Halloween Block Party Information and Resources

The Halloween Street Party in the City of Athens on Court Street begins Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. and ends Sunday, October 28, 2018, 12:30 a.m. EST.
• If available: Bands will play from roughly 6 p.m.-12:30 a.m. at two locations: Court & Union area and North Court area.
• Vendors will serve food and beverages.
• Check out the Athens Halloween Block Party page on Facebook for up to date information! Includes maps. In order to have an enjoyable time, avoid problems, and ensure the safety of everyone involved, please consider the following information: Visitors Welcome to Athens. We hope you enjoy your stay!
• Please treat our community as you would your own.
• Be certain you know the address and phone number of your host while visiting Athens. You and your host should designate a specific public place (i.e., Civil War Monument on College Green, The Armory on Court Street, etc.) to meet if you get separated over the weekend. Parking and Transportation For more info regarding OHIO parking restrictions visit www.ohiou.edu/parking
• Current Students and Staff: A current, valid permit must be displayed. Park in a designated, legal parking space and be sure your permit is clearly displayed to avoid being ticketed. Keep clear of hydrants, alleyways, and driveways when parking.
• Visitors: There is no visitor parking allowed on Ohio University property during this weekend. Temporary or time restricted passes are not valid (i.e. Hocking College, High School Student Employee Permits).
Visitors may park at the Athens City Parking Garage on Washington Street.
Visitors may park at the Athens County Fairgrounds on W. Union Street. ($10/car for the weekend). Gates open Friday at 11:00 a.m. you can park and leave car until noon Sunday. Buses will run from the fairgrounds to the uptown area. The Athens County Fairgrounds may be contacted via e-mail at fairdays@frontier.com.
• If Your Car is Towed: Please contact Parking Services at 740-593-1917. The towing companies for University property are: Autotech 740-592-1907, Curtis Towing 740-593-7048. Vehicles not displaying a valid Ohio University parking permit as outlined above are subject to citation issuance. Vehicles that are found to be illegally parked within non-traditional parking areas, blocking or impeding traffic flow or drive areas, parked in grass or along curbs, or within fire lanes may be subject to both citation and towing. Questions regarding Halloween citations & tows can be directed to Transportation & Parking Services at 740-593-1917.
• Taxi Service: Tab’s Taxi 740-594-8294, Athens Cab LLC’s 740-594-7433 (740-594-RIDE), Green Cab 740-594-7336, and Athens GOTO Cab 740-590-4686.
• Mill Street Traffic Pattern May Change: Parking may be removed on Mill St. this weekend, watch for temporary signage. Costumes
• Do not choose a costume that includes anything that is, could be used as, or could be confused with a weapon.
• Do not choose a costume that appears to impersonate a law enforcement officer or simulate law enforcement activities (i.e. directing traffic). Residence Halls
• Guest pre-registration starts Monday, Oct 15 and ends Friday, Oct 19 at 4:30pm. Your guest must be registered in advance – NO LATER THAN 4:30pm on Friday, Oct 19, 2017.
• Students living in residence halls can have one guest each. There is a $50 guest fee. OHIO students are responsible for their guest’s behavior. Halloween in Athens 2018 Guidelines for Ohio University Students and Visitors Information Provided by:
• Only resident OHIO students and registered guests will be allowed in residence halls over the weekend. A resident student must accompany registered guests whenever they are in a residence hall. Both residents and guests must wear a residence hall wristband to gain entry to the hall. Houses and Apartments Off-Campus
• Be certain you know any guests staying in your house or apartment. Secure your valuables.
• Maintain control of private parties and limit access to your invited guests. If you need assistance controlling your party, contact the Athens Police Department at 740-593-6606. This will help you avoid unwanted consequences.
• Extinguish candles before you leave your house or apartment.
• Make sure guests know how to get out of a house or apartment in case of an emergency (i.e. fire). Staying Safe
• When walking outside of the street party on Court Street, please walk on sidewalks and not in the street.
• If you are of legal age and choose to drink, do not drink to the point of being drunk, and do not leave your drink unattended or accept a drink from someone you do not know.
• Walk with friends at all times; do not travel alone.
• Do not trust anyone that you do not know well.
• Carry identification with you at all times.
• Lock your door!
• If someone is in need of medical attention, please call 911 or use the emergency blue-light phones found around campus and at residence hall entrances.
• Remember, Medical Emergency Assistance may apply for a student experiencing an alcohol or other drug overdose to receive medical attention without a university conduct charge for alcohol or drugs. It would also remove conduct charges for those who assisted the student in need. For more info: read the Medical Emergency Assistance FAQ at http://www.ohio.edu/students.
• The phone number for O’Bleness Memorial Hospital is 740-593-5551. Safety and Law Enforcement
• Given the crowds participating in the Halloween celebration, there will be many law enforcement, city officials, and university officials visible on campus and in town. Law enforcement officers will be in uniform or may be in street clothes; they will always carry identification. University officials will be wearing green jackets labeled “OHIO Staff.” • If you need assistance of any kind, ask a law enforcement officer, city, or university official for help.
• It is illegal to drink or possess alcohol if you are under 21 years of age. It is illegal to have open containers of alcohol in your possession in any public place, including the sidewalks in front of houses or apartments. There is a glass free zone in the event area. It is illegal to furnish alcohol for persons under the age of 21.
• It is illegal to urinate publicly.
• If you or a friend are arrested, do not argue with officers at the scene. Do not become confrontational with an officer, run away, or resist arrest. You are not required to make any statements and you may not have to consent to a search of your person, belongings, or residence, unless required by law. If you interfere with the arrest of another, you are subject to arrest yourself. • If your friend is arrested, be available to answer their call from an agreed upon phone number (i.e. home or cell phone). If you do not have a cell phone, have a local contact number, as the police department does not allow long distance calls.
• If you need to find out if your friend has been arrested and/or you need to leave them a message (i.e. where to meet) information and assistance will be available at 31 S. Court Street. Send only one person to inquire. 

Important Contacts

Athens Police Department


Ohio University Police


O'Bleness Memorial Hospital


Towing Companies

Autotech Towing (University Properties) 740-592-1907, Curtis Towing 740-593-7048, IBX Towing 740-592-2494

Taxi Services

Tab’s Taxi 740-594-8294, Athens Cab LLC’s 740-594-7433 (594-RIDE), Green Cab 740-594-7336, and Athens GOTO Cab 740-590-4686