Fair Housing

The Hocking, Athens, Perry Fair Housing Consortium (HAPCAP) is the City of Athens’ Fair Housing provider.  Please refer to their Landlord-Tenant Handbook, below, as a general guide.  This handbook is intended to be used for general information regarding your rights and duties as a landlord or tenant under the Ohio Landlord Tenant Act.  The information in this handbook should not be taken as legal advice, but it may help you decide if and when you should pursue legal advice.  Be sure to contact an attorney before taking any court action regarding a legal matter.     

The Hocking, Athens, Perry Fair Housing Consortium provides information and referral services to landlords and tenants regarding Fair Housing and landlord-tenant issues.  Their service area covers Athens, Hocking, and Perry Counties.  In addition to providing information and referral services to callers, they also distribute educational materials and conduct trainings throughout the three counties.  If you would like additional information on their services or would like them to conduct a training session for a group, call (800) 686-1093 or (740) 767-4500. 

In Ohio, landlord-tenant relations and obligations are governed by the Ohio Landlord Tenant Act (Ohio Revised Code 5321) and by the Eviction statute (Ohio Revised Code 1923). Other laws are also applicable to the landlord tenant relationship such as The Fair Housing Law and disability specific laws.  

The Ohio Tenant-Landlord Act of 1974 outlines the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords.  It does not apply to mobile home trailer parks (see Chapter 3733, Ohio Revised Code), owner-occupied condominiums, prisons, jails, workhouses or halfway houses, hotels, motels, tourist homes, hospitals, nursing homes, farm residences on two or more acres of land, or school dormitories.   

City of Athens Fair Housing Contact: Patricia Witmer, City of Athens Mayor's Office, 8 E. Washington Street, Athens, OH 45701. (740) 592-3338

Local Fair Housing Contact: 

Hocking, Athens, Perry Community Action 

Hocking, Athens, Perry Fair Housing Consortium
P.O. Box 220
3 Cardaras Drive
Glouster, OH 45732
(800) 686-1093
(740) 767-4500 

Enforcement Agencies: 

Ohio Civil Rights Commission – Columbus Regional Office
1111 E. Broad St., Ste. 301
Columbus, OH 43205
(888) 278-7101
TTY 614-416-9353 www.state.oh.us/crc/ 


Fair Housing Enforcement Center
77 W. Jackson Blvd., Room 2101
Chicago, IL 60604-3507
(800) 669-9777
TTY 800-927-9275 

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