Jazz Appreciation Month

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April is Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM)! JAM was founded by the Smithsonian Jazz at the National Museum of American History and various organizations across the country to celebrate all things Jazz!

To celebrate, we will be holding a number of exciting activities and offerings throughout the month of April. Check out the line up of activities below. 

For more information about Jazz Appreciation Month visit the Smithsonian Jazz website.


Jazz Appreciation Month Lineup

Entire month of April:

The Southeast Ohio Musical Lending Library at Arts West is offering community members a chance to borrow an instrument of their choice for a two week check out period for FREE! Typically the library is only open to Arts West members but during the month of April, in celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month, anyone can enjoy an instrument. Instruments available range from stringed instruments, keyboards, drums, and more! 

The library is open on Tuesdays and  Thursdays from 2-6pm at Arts West to check out instruments. For more information or questions, contact Emily Beveridge, Program Specialist at 740-592-4315 or ebeveridge@ci.athens.oh.us 

Week of April 12th -16th: Facebook Trivia Week! 

Join us on both the Arts West and Athens Community Center Facebook pages for some fun Jazz themed trivia and questions. If you participate in the posts, you will get a copy of this years beautiful Jazz Appreciation Month posters (photo on the left). 

How to participate: 

Arts West:

There will be prompts posted to the Arts West Facebook page each day. If you respond to these prompts, you will be able to stop by Arts West during this week to receive your free Jazz Appreciation Poster (Limit of 1 poster per patron please).

Athens Community Center:

There will be trivia questions posted to the Athens Community Center Facebook page daily. If you answer the questions correctly you will be able to stop buy the center for a free Jazz Appreciation Poster (Limit of 1 poster per patron please). 

Week of April 19th: Jazz Poem reading by Wendy McVicker

Athens Poet Laureate, Wendy McVicker will be presenting a video recorded reading of a Jazz poem this week. This will be released on Arts West and Athens Community Centers social media pages. Exact release date will be announced at a later time. 

Friday April 30th: Afternoon Arts Ceramics (Special Session) - Jazz Shaker Class

There will be three special sessions of Afternoon Arts Ceramics classes. These are for children ages 5-9 years and will be offered for FREE! All participants must be registered in advance and there are three sections available. Follow the links below to register:

FREE Afternoon Arts Ceramics - Jazz Shakers 2:30-3:30pm

FREE Afternoon Arts Ceramics - Jazz Shakers 4:00-5:00pm

FREE Afternoon Arts Ceramics - Jazz Shakers 5:30-6:30pm